What to expect from MAF Haarlem itself and around it.


Our building at 62 Zijlstraat already offers plenty of curiosity. As soon as you enter, you feel ‘rich’ in the large hallway with chandeliers and monumental plaster ornaments.

From that corridor, to the left is the RedBar with replicas of old Haarlem and Amsterdam masters that hang together with the immense 50-light chandelier hanging from a highly decorated 19th-century ceiling (found during the major renovation of 2017-2021). In the bar area, you can see old hand-chiselled (dissed) beams.
To the right of the corridor, you enter our BlueSalon which is characterised by the old walls (which tell a lot about the past), an immense 50-light chandelier hanging from a highly decorated, hand-painted 17th-century ceiling (found during the major renovation of 2017-2021) with the arms of the patrician family that renovated the two houses into a beautiful property.

In almost all boutique hotel rooms, you will find a monumental gem. For instance, in two rooms you will find old window shutters that allow you to darken the room and in another room an old fireplace niche.
In two rooms beautiful marble fireplaces that were built in during the renovation around 1800. In the two attic rooms in the annexe, the 400-year-old split beams (stained/sawn by hand) are still beautifully intact, and if you are with your family, two children can sleep in the old bedsteads in the former bedrooms of the family servants.